InvestmentLink Services

The InvestmentLink Service

InvestmentLink is an industry-wide service designed to provide the financial services sector with secure and easy access to a single, centralised, consolidated source of investment data. Financial information is delivered electronically by leading investment providers and registry services from across Australia and New Zealand.

How does InvestmentLink work?

InvestmentLink's core service is a secure database that gives intermediaries access to client investment information and other data via:

  •     web browser
  •     download to local investment software
  •     database replication.

The data is sent electronically to InvestmentLink from each participating investment provider's client registry system. e-Portfolio then provides a consolidated view of each client's portfolio, with product data from every participating supplier.

This consolidated summary of an investor's holdings can then be transmitted to the intermediary's office to provide accurate and up-to-date portfolio reporting.

What are the benefits of InvestmentLink services?

InvestmentLink has been designed for optimum flexibility to allow users of the service to choose from a range of software tools for monitoring and reporting investment information. Several leading portfolio and client management systems are compatible with InvestmentLink.

For companies that have an in-house administration system, file specifications are provided to assist in the feeding of the InvestmentLink data.