InvestmentLink Products

Web-based Portfolio Viewer


InvestmentLink's web-based e-Portfolio viewer makes it possible for financial intermediaries or their selected clients to view their portfolios via the internet - anywhere and at any time.

A file download capability within the e-Portfolio website allows subscribing users to download data files of portfolio information. These files can be readily processed into local software in intermediary's offices.

The benefit of electronic processing is that updates become faster, more efficient and more accurate. Financial savings are significant as staff time is saved by eliminating manual data entry.

e-Portfolio allows users to:

  • view holdings and transactions held by their clients
  • order historical transactional data relating to these client investments
  • download the latest transactions for processing into portfolio management software.

Database Replicators

InvestmentLink data replicators allow users to store a local copy of their client database for internal applications and offline access.


Echo is enabled for high volume databases (like SQL Server and Oracle) and is attractive for larger companies. Echo automatically synchronises with the InvestmentLink hub.


Integrity achieves the same but is enabled for Microsoft Access, and suited to the lower volume user. The data synchronisation process is manual.